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July 06, 2009


Joseph J. Finn

Sugar Loaf rock, in Winona.

Miss T

Oh my, I didn't know the third book was out! Yay Anne!

Well, it's quite obvious that the road to Hades IS at the MOA, but if it weren't there, I'm sure it would be in the basement of a Certain Restaurant Building on 1st Ave. in downtown Minneapolis. It's a cursed location, and nothing good ever happened there.


The door to Hades? That would be in the basement of the Witch House, the house near the Minneapolis Institute of Arts/Children's Theatre where John Clark Donahue lived and did his dirty deeds. Or perhaps somewhere in Glensheen mansion...

Gilbert Baron

I have enjoyed many books supposedly for the younger so I think one of the sets should come here to Rochester, MN.


Nimrod, MN, or maybe Fertile or Climax. Not that I have anything against those places, I just think they're unusual names.


I'd be in Houston, TX of course right by NASA. :) Besides, that's close to where I live so if I can't resist the temptation, I can go check it out. :)


The NY State Thruway. Or possibly the eastern end of the George Washington Bridge.

Sorry, I've only good things to say about Minnesota!

limedragon :-: Harriet

One of the caves along the Mississippi. I'm not sayin' which one. : )

Oooh, I'm glad the new one is out. Must request from library soon!


Sounds like a good series. I like the idea of it being on the North Shore, someplace that gets really icy in the winter. Maybe Gooseberry Falls?


The Lexington and 59th Street subway platform of the N/R/W line in NYC. Or so it *smells*, anyway.


It is in the basement of the Spam Museum in Austin, Minnesota.

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