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April 05, 2011



Parks always get threatened, it seems. Be loud, the parks there are beautiful and would certainly be a reason why we would visit!

Miss T

I'm SO glad you said it. More people should be saying it!

Amy Rea

We do have fabulous parks. There was another proposal, which I think and hope was defeated, to allow logging in some parks. Argh!


Have you priced a trip to any professional athletic event lately? Buy 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 sodas and maybe a couple of beers, parking, etc., and soon you realize you need to win the lottery before you can attend. The price of a trip to the park, even one that charges a nominal entry fee, looks much more appealing. I hate to think of what we're willing to let go in such dire economic times.

I would love to hike to Charity Bluff for that view. Gorgeous!

Amy Rea

Exactly, Rudee! Pro sports games are beaucoup bucks. Hey, you need to come to MN and I will take you hiking!

Audrey Kletscher Helbling

I agree with you 100 percent. Taxpayers should not finance a Vikings' stadium. Let the owners pay for it.

Any talk of closing Itasca seems like grandstanding more than anything. An absurd idea.

As for the small park you featured on your post, I have an image of that hanging in my office. My oldest, who attended Winona State University, photographed those same steps and worked them into a four-season photo collage. This was a gift to me and every time I look at her photos I am reminded of the natural beauty of our state.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and images.

Amy Rea

I agree about the grandstanding, Audrey. Itasca is too big a draw, too big an icon, to shut down. It's the little parks that will be in danger, and that makes me sad--they're beautiful too.


Oh my...looks like another park I need to add to my list (and fast). Great post!

Amy Rea

Thanks, Emily. Yes, do go to Latsch. Well worth a visit. And only a day trip from the Twin Cities!

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