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May 05, 2011



Hmmm, is that too far to travel to see Cirque de Soliel?.... If only money was not in the equation!

Andy Lien

Yes. I've seen Cirque du Soleil on two other occasions--once in the Sculpture Garden and once in Lowertown. I've got to say that the combination of the music being performed live and literally pulsating through the audience with the high-flying acrobats are what make me trill. Many crescendos, visually and musically.


I saw the show once in downtown St. Paul. In some ways it's very old-fashioned entertainment but the production is fantastic and modern. I think my daughter is old enough to go this time around....


I've seen Cirque du Soleil once before - the funeral march show. I love the costumes and the music and how well they compliment the story and the acts!

Amy Nylander

Never seen it myself. When my shy firstborn went to overnight college orientation I was nervous for him. When I asked him how it went he said it was awkward at first but then they put in a tape of Cirque de Soleil for everyone to watch and that broke the ice.

Chris Perkins

I have never seen it but it looks very interesting. My wife has wanted to see them but we just never got a chance to go see them. I think it would be great to see them at the Mall of America.

Melanie Lupfer

I've never been to a Cirque show--looks absolutely amazing though! Would love to win tickets. :)

Kathy Larson

I have seen Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas. It was amazing how at one second they are walking on the water and then the next they are high diving into the same pool. I also own several of their DVD's which my children love to watch! I'm sure after watching what they did with water in "O", they will make the insect world fasinating!

Carolyn Hartman

I have never been to see the Cirque du Soleil. I have always wanted to go and would love to win the tickets.

Jill Akervik

I have also seen Cirque Du Soleil in Vegas. I went years ago with my mom and we loved it. It was so engaging and we were awestruck by the athletic abilities of the performers! I just saw a billboard for this show the other day and thought about how awesome it would be to take my mom to see it again. I would love to win tickets for another shot at seeing this show. I could give it to my mom for a belated mother's day gift :) Thanks again for the opportunity.


I have never seen the show, but would love the opportunity - it looks fascinating! My daughter saw them when they had the outdoor show and LOVED it.


Would LOVE to win ticktes. I have have never seen a show before, and have heard from others that it is amazing!! :)

Tirzah Treece

I saw Allegria when it was here several years ago. It was amazing!! The music combined perfectly with the acts to create a one of a kind show. My favorite were the aerialists. The strength and skill required is mind blowing. I would love to be able to see them again!

Kim Reinhart

Would be amazing to be able to see the show! Saw it in Vegas years ago and loved everything about it!

Selena Ostenberg

Never have been, but would LOVE to go-what better way then free!

Melissa Pickert

I have never seen it and would love to - that is why I am commenting. My friend has been to many though - any time she visits a city with a show she goes to it.


We are a family of three and have never gone to Cirque Du Soleil because of the cost being too expensive for us...but we dream that one day we will be able to go!


I have never been to a Cirque show, but have always wanted to go. I am due with my first child in mid-June and this would be the perfect date for my husband and I before we welcome our little one (and before mommy and daddy dates become few and far between)!


I have never seen the show live, but have watched them on TV when they were on BRAVO. Excellent shows!!

Shataia Stallings

I never saw the show but have always wanted to go. This would be a perfect getaway for my husband and I who never get to get away. What a perfect date!! It looks awesome!

Xia Yang

I would love to see this!

Janelle Ortiz

I would love to win tickets to see OVO! I have never been to a Cirque du Soleil performance before and have always wanted to go.


I had tickets about 10 years ago, when Cirque du Soleil came to Minneapolis, but got sick at the last minute and had to give the tickets away.

John Gettler

If Cirque come to town, it's mandatory for me to see it. I have also seen two shows in Vegas. The O water show in Vegas is still the most amazing visual performance I have ever seen. I hope I win the tickets.


I've never seen them in person...only on PBS but am hoping this is my chance to see them for reals!

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