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July 12, 2013


Amy N

So glad you wrote this. Although now I'm mad all over again.


Okay, so let's just say his taste in food is horrid. Also he's European and skillfully on twitter explained that foreigners don't know what a game is (it's a match) and they understand overtime (not extra innings). I guess I can excuse a guy for saying Tram. Hell, I call BART in SF a Subway. I call MARTA in Atlanta is a Subway. The MTR in Hong Kong is a Subway to me. He's tram all the way, I guess. By definition he is correct.

But look at his post. He talks about Hiawatha and Cornelia yet has a photo of Calhoun. He has a photo of the stone arch bridge but doesn't mention it. He actually implies there is nothing to do along the river. His links to "Restaurants" implies he sending us to a Twin Cities list of restaurants. But it doesn't.

I sent him a tweet asking him what he used for research before he got to the Twin Cities and for referral services while he was here. He didn't respond.

The dude wasn't here. It's an embarrassment to Reuters. You are right, Amy. The guy should fess up. The news service has lost credibility. His choices might be flawed to arrogant asses like us, but Reuters choice to sign off on this essay and publish it is what the real problem is.


I couldn't believe the article myself and was perplexed as to why it was published when they clearly didn't have their facts straight because they didn't visit the TC. Imagine if, instead of having someone on staff fake it, they paid someone local to give an honest and great way to spend 48 hours in Minneapolis. Leaves me wondering how many other city guides were written in haste from someones bathroom.....

Also, how about a Silver Butter Knife steak for dinner at a Minneapolis steak house rather than Capital Grille, which is also a bit of a chain.


And, as Mr. Ostlund just pointed out on Twitter, the Skyway Theater? No longer shows movies. It's all live music now.

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