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Books in process

  • A dark and brooding mystery about Charles Dickens

  • The second part of a brilliant trilogy

  • Good manual for fiction and poetry writers and readers

Knitter's ADD strikes again

  • Forest Canopy shawl in Cider Moon, Congo colorway for Nora's Herding Cats KAL

  • Convertible from Knitty; Schaefer Laurel Yarn, Emily Dickinson colorway

  • Hypoteneuse in Schaefer Laurel, Judy Garland colorway (Christmas knitting!)

  • Flutter Scarf in Cosmic Fibers Nefarious yarn, Hannibal Lecter colorway (shiver)

  • Straight-Laced Socks from Knitty, in ArtYarns

  • Socks on two circulars, using Opal in a wild and fun patterned colorway. Basic rib pattern.

  • Basic Men's Cardigan from The Knitting Experience: The Knit Stitch, with Cascade 220.

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June 22, 2009


Girl Detective

Maybe it's just the third grader in me, but asafetida always makes me snicker--fetid ass, heh heh.

Juvenilia aside, this looks delish. I don't think I had to suffer sprouts as a kid, there weren't really on my radar until I had them roasted in restaurants and loved them. Nick and Eddie had a stunning preparation with them last fall.

I made them for a holiday dinner, though, and was bummed--they were full of little bugs and I had to go way into them to get rid of the bugs. It took a lot of prep time, and I thought maybe it's one of those foods for me that's best left to the restaurant professionals.

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